Welcome to the home of one of the best local governments in Uganda. 22 years of independence from Moyo District has not only taught us the beauty of good service delivery but also challenges us each day to serve our people even better. It is a pleasure and indeed an honour that you have visited our site, thank you. We wish you the best as you orient yourself with what we have done in the past, are currently doing and what we hope to do. Karibu sana!


Municipal mayors support Kampala Metropolitan plan
Otafiire condemns attack on magistrate during Nyanzi sentencing
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It is a hot Tuesday afternoon and the Principal Human Resource Officer (PHRO) has a neatly folded handkerchief laid beside his desktop. The reason is obvious; the weather has made its demands but...

On 18th September 2019, we hosted the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Local Government and the State House Comptroller who met with leaders from Madi Sub-Region to launch the commencement...

Forget the opportunity of having a glimpse of the mighty national football team, the thought of such great personalities coming to Adjumani didn’t excite only football lovers.
But like fate...

The 3rd of July started as a normal day for a select team of leaders and technical staff who were excited about a one-day study tour to Isingiro District Local Government until 13 hours later...

It is amazing how our health Department continues to soar even higher. This year, during the Annual Regional Joint Performance Review meeting that was held in Pakwach, we received another award...

It is no doubt that the discipline within soldiers is quite admirable but to be able to understand the motivation behind it, you would probably have to speak to one of them. On an early morning...

The locals in Adjumani District arguably have the most heart throbbing Independence celebrations in Uganda. The anxiety and vigor with which the celebrations are held can probably only be...

 On Tuesday 20th August 2019, the First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen. Moses Ali, commissioned sub-projects under Development Response to Disaster Impacts Project (DRDIP) worth 1.4 billion Uganda...

Knowledgeable! Ambitious! Hardworking! are arguably the first things that will impress anyone about Dr. Bhoka George, the District Health Officer. I walk into his office and he stands up to usher...

One year later, the name “Sardinia” has become such a famous one in the Madi Sub Region. About the same time last year during a two-day summit, the Italian Regional Government of Sardinia signed a...


Upcoming Events

National Heroes Day
Venue: Kololo Independence Grounds
Date: 09th June 2018
Time: All Day Event
Otafiire condemns attack on magistrate during Nyanzi sentencing
Venue: Media Center
Date: 02nd July 2019
Time: All Day Event